Tasmanian Names Index from Tasmanian Archives Office

Use the Tasmanian Name Index from the Tasmanian Archives Office to search records from the following sources: Convict permissions to marry (1829-1857). Convicts (1803-1893). Departures (1817-1867). Divorces (1861-1920). Inquests (1828-1930). Marriages (1803-1899). Arrivals (19th Century). Births (1803-1933). Census (1837-1857).Deaths (1803-1933). Health & Welfare (1830-1873). Hotels & Properties (1818-1958). Miscellaneous (1838-1873). Naturalisations (1835-1905). Prisoners (1895-1902). Wills (1824-1989). WW1 Photographs (1914-1919). Some digitised copies of records are available online, those which are not available online can be obtained from the Archives Office of Tasmania.