Dictionary of Sydney Project

The Dictionary of Sydney is an online encyclopaedia which aims to cover every aspect of the history of the Sydney region (including the Blue Mountains) - from the earliest human habitation to the present. It includes people, places, buildings, events, cultural groups, natural features, organisations, other structures, artefacts and thematic essays. It contains images, sound, film, documents and maps, as well as new scholarship, research and bibliographies. The Dictionary also aims to be accessible through other technologies including mobile delivery, print-on-demand and others yet to be developed. Essays are being commissioned on many themes regarding Sydney's history. From 2004 to 2006, the emphasis has been on selecting over 90 authors for entries on over 650 Sydney suburbs. A range of content commissioned for the Dictionary is also showcased in the online Sydney Journal. You can also subscribe to the Projects quarterly eNewsletter which will update you on all Project news items over the previous 3 months. This project was initiated by the City of Sydney's History Program and subsequent sponsors include the Australian Research Council, University of Sydney, University of Technology (Sydney), State Library of NSW, 39 Sydney council local studies departments, State Records NSW etc