Australian shipping 1788 - 1968 : Ozships

Contains shipping and passenger information for Australia and, to an increasing extent, New Zealand. Information is derived primarily from historical newspapers and state and national archive material. The website has the following shipping indexes: Arrivals, Departures, Shipwrecks, Ship's Captains, Passengers and crew, Vessel index , Historical background, Vessel related reports and diaries, journals and reports. There are also some pioneer biographies and ship images. Although there are a significant number of entries found here, it is just a small fraction of the total from 1788 to 1968. This website contains almost all of the convict ships, as well as most of the ships that arrived in Sydney before 1825 where passengers were known to be on board. One area that is particularly difficult for researchers is the coastal movement of people, as many of these are not listed in official records. For these types of records, the best place to look is in the 'Shipping Intelligence' columns of the newspapers of the time.